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#30before30 Travelling With Family – Singapore Zoo Review

Since young, I wanted to go travel oversea with family, however I wasn’t have the luck. China trip, Hong Kong and Macau trip were all fall at the wrong timing (due to my study). So, I told myself not to miss the next and here it is the Singapore zoo review!

First tourist attraction we went was Zoo Singapore, a “must do” activity with my father and niece. Every new place with a “zoo”, we will go.


Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Since after I am blogging back plus my personal Facebook sharing, some friends shared my articles and asked me what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Some of the conversations inspired me to write this.

Entrepreneur decide own income, but are you ready to have non-fixed income?

Being in servicing line, yet as a freelancer, you can definitely decide your income by deciding how much projects you want to take in. Selling your skills/consultancy to someone who need it is straight-forward, your values is depending on your knowledge, time and personal confidence.


8 Lifestyle Changes After Having The First House

Buying a house is one of the major milestones in my life. For me, it means that I’m no longer in the “entah-tak-entah” mode, causing a huge lifestyles changes. I love to ask people goal and shared my 30 things to do before 30, is because the conversation inspires and moves us. There’s lot of researches/sharing shows that those people who write and share their goals achieve more than the who are not.