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Web Design, SEO, Social Media and how it affects your business

Traffic is the ‘lifeline’ of any online business. If you want to increase your business online sales, you must consider to get rank at search engines and social media. In Malaysia, Facebook and Google are definitely the most efficient and fastest methods of driving “traffic that converts.” web design company You have to consider many websites ranking factors in order to be on first page of Google search results. According to SEO expert Neil Patel on “”, these elements are grouped into two main factors of SEO optimization; Website users experiences and back-links! You may consider using social media as backlinks for your website. Websites such as...

Website Homepage WWW Address Connection Concept

Master The Art of Website Homepage Design

The homepage of your site is the front door to your business. Most of the time, web developer will set that as your main landing page. Therefore, your website homepage has to resonate with your target audience and capture their attention. And if the homepage of a website does not convey the site message, visitors will disappear until luck brings them back to the site sometime in the future. 140,000+ of the website are launched daily giving customers multiple choices A website homepage act as an entrance to other pages on a site, and must therefore convey “Who you are?” “What you do?” “How you do it?” “And why you do...

cms website for web design and development

CMS to Build Web: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

While you are thinking of building your website on our own, and are quite excited with the choice of themes, page layout and etc, you might be wondering on which platform you shall use to develop your cms website. Well if you are new in this field, you must know that a CMS is a content management system, which lets you put in all page elements starting from text to images, sound clips to videos, colors and fonts to slider and functions etc. CMS make web development as simple as drag and down. In fact the work of a good CMS is to give you the...

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5 Key Elements to a Good Website

In the current technological era, having a website is called the face of the company. Regardless of business size, the presence of website leaves an impression about the company on the customers. The website is considered as an important aspect of any online business. If your main aim is to gain the trust of customers, loyalty and obviously profit making, then having a good website is mandatory. There are a number of factors contributing to the success of the website.