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KawanPay Header - Your Cashback Partner


Your Cashback Partner

KawanPay Management offers seamless financial transactions and rewards you with cashback for every swipe, purchase, and transaction made through their app or e-wallet card. They aim to provide their customers with a hassle-free payment experience with the bonus of cashback incentives and M40, who seek a more rewarding e-wallet solution. Optimize your finances and get rewarded by choosing KawanPay Management as your go-to e-wallet provider.

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KawanPay Management (M) Sdn Bhd


Finance & E-wallet

Your trustworthy partner in helping you to save money and earn rewards with ease.

KawanPay Structure

Brand Colour

Primary – Yale Blue – HEX: #013671

Secondary – Polynesian Blue – HEX: #194794

Tertiary – Process Cyan – HEX: #3CBFF0

Quaternary – White – HEX: #FFFFFF

Design Rationale

The KawanPay logo is a combination of an E-wallet, notes/cash, and an arrow symbolizing its cashback feature, reflecting the company’s commitment to moving forward and innovating in the digital payment industry. The three lines or E on the icon highlight KawanPay’s speed and efficiency as a payment platform. At the same time, the two sans-serif fonts convey simplicity, modernity, and minimalism, highly desirable qualities in the digital payment space. Overall, the logo effectively communicates the company’s core values and unique value proposition to its target audience, setting it apart from other players in the E-wallet market.


KawanPay Inspiration


KawanPay Favicon


KawanPay Typeface
KawanPay Branding Kit
KawanPay Lanyard
KawanPay App
KawanPay Window Sticker
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