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Journey To The West – Stephen Chow

Journey To The West – Stephen Chow

Some says, “Stephen Chow movies are are best watched without intellectual. The enjoyment is visceral. It’s hilarious, dramatic, has a great characters, great action, and a great story.”, etc etc. Having re-watch this movie, I get something different today.

8 Scene Hits Me Right In The Feels

1. You might not, but certainly I do


A: 你也是驱魔人啊?凭什么啊? You’re a demon-hunter too? Based on what?
B: 驱魔大典。 The Demon Hunter’s Handbook.
A: 儿歌三百首?300 Nursery Rhymes?
B: 它能唤醒妖怪内心的真善美。 所谓人之初性本善。再加上我独一无二的演奏。It brings out the goodness within demons. We are all born naturally good. And also I add my own unique style.
A: 谁说的?Who says?

B: 我师傅。My master.
A: 你信吗?And you believe him?
B: 不管你信不信,反正我信。You might not, but certainly I do.
A: 这种小孩子的玩意,其实我也挺新欢的。哈哈哈哈~ Actually, I like childish prank too. Hahahah~

Do you have a dream? If you have and you don’t believe your dream, nobody will. It happens in life that we have people who laughing at our dream and take it as a childish prank. Be ready when you tell your goal publicly, it creates support and criticism. Who is the master of your dream? “How would I take it?”

# My definition of judgement – We define people by seeing what they do, instead of understanding why they do what they do.

2. I could have saved more people


A: 你不会对我们的理念有所怀疑吧? Are you doubting our beliefs?
B: 没有。我就是怀疑自己的能力。No. I just doubt my own powers.
A: 你已经尽力了,你不是救了一个小婴儿吗?You did your best. You saved a baby, didn’t you?
B: 我其实可以救更多的人,可是我没有办法。 是我害死了他们啊。那么多人啊~ I could have saved more people. But I wasn’t able to. They are dead because of me. So many of them.
B: 师傅,我什么都不会。 你是不是找错人了啊?Master, I’m so useless. Maybe you chose the wrong disciple?
我绝对没有找错人。你只是差一点点。 I didn’t choose the wrong disciple. You’re just missing that little “something”.

Do you ever have questions on something you want? Is it really that powerful? Or wondering to choose either having an ordinary life like others or the one less traveled? Are you doubting your capability on reaching a goal? What’s missing in me?

3. That’s the little “something”


A: 想吃吗? Want a bite?
B: 我不想。 师傅,你这样不好,这样是有违清规的。 No.Master, please don’t. It’s against our beliefs.
A: 我心中没有鹅腿,吃了也无妨。你心里想吃,嘴上却说不吃。就差那么一点点。 Eating the goose is just a physical act. You may want something but you say otherwise. That’s the little “something”.

Saying something you don’t want but you want? Okay but not okay? Looking for the missing puzzle in life? Looking for a breakdown or breakthrough?

4. Clarity


In life, there’s always the moment where we are lost in confusion. How to find clarity when you’re confused about what to do?

5. Let it go. That’s not the point.


A: 五白年了,你还要困我多久? 500 hundred years! How much longer do you want to keep me trapped here?!
A: 我改也改了。我顿悟也顿悟了。佛祖,你为什么还是不肯相信我? I’ve changed and done the enlightenment thing. Buddha, why won’t you believe me?!
B: 你说佛祖不相信你。那,你相信佛祖吗?如果你真正的顿悟了,佛祖一定知道。他是不会抛弃你的。 You ask Buddha why he doesn’t believe you? But do you believe in him? If you did in fact experience enlightenment, Buddha would know. He would never give up on you.
A: 你是说我还没有真的顿悟? You’re saying I didn’t really experience enlightenment?
B: 不要纠结于这些。只要你一心向善就会有收获。 Let it go. That’s not the point. If you just do good with all your heart, you’ll reap the rewards.

Why need others to give answer, since you yourself is the best of it. Someone told me before, “if you live in present, you would falling in love so easy. So easy.” Do you believe in life (the universe)?

6. Just love me. Now.


A: 你又被我捉到了。你还不承认你爱我。 I’ve caught you again. And you still won’t admit you love me?
B: 我爱你。第一次见到你,就爱上你了。I love you. I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you.
A: 有多爱? How much?
B: 好爱。 我没有一天不想你。 Very much. There’s never been a day that I don’t think about you.
A: 爱多久? How long will you love me?
B: 一千年。一万年。 1,000 years. 10,000 years.
A: 一万年太久了。就爱我。现在。10,000 years, that’s too long. Just love me. Now.

7. Acknowledgement


There’s few times the girl told him, “when a girl closes her eye, she wants you to kiss her”. There’s a time if he can’t remove the ring (given by her), he wanted to remove the finger. There’s a time, he was sitting there, missing her. A simple step but it seems so hard for us to face up emotionally and handle it.

8. A Question.


A question lead to a beginning. And the story end with this:


Love is neither greater or lesser.
Having experience pain, I can truly understanding life’s suffering;
Knowing stubbornness, one can let it go.
Knowing what one wants, one can release it.

Now you understand that little “something”. Do you know your mission?


3am in the morning. OMG! Good night =)

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