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#30before30 Travelling With Family – Singapore Zoo Review

#30before30 Travelling With Family – Singapore Zoo Review

Since young, I wanted to go travel oversea with family, however I wasn’t have the luck. China trip, Hong Kong and Macau trip were all fall at the wrong timing (due to my study). So, I told myself not to miss the next and here it is the Singapore zoo review!

First tourist attraction we went was Zoo Singapore, a “must do” activity with my father and niece. Every new place with a “zoo”, we will go.

parent IMG_3914

IMG_3901 IMG_3911

IMG_3913 IMG_3918

IMG_3919 IMG_3941
IMG_3938 zoo singapore with family

One of the best candid shot I love. Full of love! 有多久没有小手拉大手了呢?父母的爱,亲情的缘分,让我们一起学习珍惜眼前人。


A collection of Khor Ting Li, my niece. She is in the age of learning how to speak. Some funny words and unexpected of her action is the best #heartmeltmoment, ever.

IMG_3905 IMG_3917

It takes few hours for us to explore the zoo. Lots of animals and some fun activities such as animal feeding, water park, animal shows, etc. Be prepared with lots of drink especially when you bring children.

Singapore Zoo Review – Animals

IMG_4012 IMG_4009 zoo singapore

IMG_4004 IMG_4000 zoo singapore animals

IMG_3997 IMG_3988 IMG_3981

IMG_3975 IMG_3970 zoo singapore is the best

IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3962

IMG_3955 IMG_3954 travel to zoo singapore

IMG_3932 IMG_3925 best of zoo singapore

IMG_3920 IMG_3916 IMG_3908

IMG_3907 IMG_3894 IMG_3889

IMG_3888 IMG_3949 singapore zoo review

If you’re looking for Singapore Zoo map, check on this link: http://www.zoo.com.sg/assets/pdf/parkmap.pdf

#30before30 is a movement of myself, which is the 30 things to be done before 30. Singapore Zoo Review.

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