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Choosing the best wordpress template for your website design

Selecting the right theme for your WordPress website might sound like something easy to do that responds more to personal likes than to a strategical...

November 18

Choosing the best web designer for your business

You’re planning on creating a new website, but you’re not actually sure of what kind of web designer you should hire. Also, you’ve heard you can...

November 15

4 SEO tips for optimizing website content

We all know the key to a successful company website development is SEO content. Nevertheless, theories have changed from a few years ago and keyword...

November 12

Choosing the right web hosting options

Where your domain is going to be hosted is also one important decision when starting a new website project. Of course this is a choice that shouldn’...

November 9

5 reasons for making your website mobile responsive

It’s more and more common that we find these websites that are “mobile responsive” this mean that they can interact and adapt to a mobile device...

November 2

How To Create Email Accounts for Website – CentOS

Create email accounts using Centos is easy. First, you need to login to your hosting account (CentOS) with given username and password. Once you have ...

October 29

Business Email For Your Website – Webmail

When you’ve purchased a domain and setup web hosting, you’re able to setup your business email (eg, yourname@yourdomain.com). This is inex...

October 29

How to Start a Business? Build Professional Website

An enterprise is something that is built out of a visionary´s dream. With the right opportunities and ways of transforming ideas into tangible produc...

October 24

Stock Photos / Images for Better Website Design

When we speak to our prospects / clients, quite some of them are not familiar with the stock photos. That’s why we post some information regard...

September 23

eCommerce Websites Features by WooCommerce

In the era where the virtualization of things is even more important than what’s tangible the eCommerce has become a must in the business world. We ...

September 17

Why update company website (wordpress) at least once a year?

WordPress is a platform that is increasingly more and more. In addition, it has a highly active community that is constantly attentive to any update i...

September 1

Free Website Builders You Might Want To Consider

Creating a website has become a fun, relatively pain-free experience in recent years. These days, the main challenge is to find the right website buil...

August 23

What A Business Website Should Contain?

Serving as your company’s virtual presentation card, this page is generally responsible for drawing in a majority of your recognition. And des...

August 12

Why Is Having A Company Website Important?

A company website is a single domain that consists of different web pages, it is also an informational website operated by a business or other private...

August 2

CMS Website – WordPress Website Features

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP, which is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content...

July 26