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Build your website with the world's most customizable ecommerce platform - Woocommerce. WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. Here we listed our ecommerce packages and pricing:

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ecommerce web design and development

We're specialized in designing and developing Woocommerce ecommerce store. Our ecommerce packages offer you simple, advanced and professional features with website tools that enable a better ecommerce marketing.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our ecommerce online store covers the direct bank transfer, internet banking (ebanking), credit cards, debit cards, paypal, cash on delivery and more

Coupon Management

Woocommerce platform enable businesses to decide types of coupon discount (percentage or fixed amount), expiry date, minimum spending and more

Custom ecommerce Design

Website template is not 100% match clients specific needs on ecommerce store. Therefore, we provide customization for the HTML, CSS and web page layouts

Tools and Reporting

We're able to extend clients' ecommerce store by plugin free or paid Woocommerce extensions. These extensions range from single product page to check out page.

Marketing and Advertising

We are experienced in advertising clients' website and products at both Google and Facebook (Custom audience, lookalike audience and pixel implementation).

1 Stop Ecommerce Solution

Domain registration, domain renewal, hosting setup, logo design, ecommerce website development, product uploads, web maintenance and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Image Optimization?

Image Optimization is a tool that improve your ecommerce web loading by reducing the image size while maintaining the quality (resolution) of the original images. Up to 90% compression rate with the option of lossy or lossless optimization.

What is the Cache System?

Cache system (caching) creates an ultra-fast load time, essential for improving your ecommerce store loading and therefore improve the conversions. This apply for the static pages and it comes with the image on requests function.

What is the Shipment Tracking?

This tool provide customers with an easy way to track their shipment where the information will be listed in the emails, the order tracking page, and the order view page.

What is the Store Credit?

Store credits are mainly used as the personal refund or compensation card in case there’s a problem with your product or service. You may use Coupon to replace this function too.

What is the Facebook Login?

You can choose to allow customers to check out as a guest. Most of the clients prefer to have their customers registered before purchase and Facebook login is an important tool that makes the user registration process easy and secure. Yet, most of the Malaysian own Facebook account.

What is the Points and Rewards System?

This function enable you to reward customers with points after their purchases. You can set how many points for each ringgit spent and how much is the points worth of. This strategy create more loyal customers!

What is the Customer History?

This is a very important function for high traffics ecommerce website where you are able to observe how are the customers browsing through your store, purchase history and the total customer lifetime value.

ecommerce packages malaysia

KangXiang's eCommerce Development Pricing

We are ecommerce web designer and developer who believe in transparency and reliability. It is the key to offer you the best customer services and that's why we list our ecommerce packages and pricing here.

There are lots of platforms to build ecommerce website, such as ZenCart, OpenCart, Shopify, and more. Why we use Woocommerce? Because we’ve used it for our business and it works pretty well. Why hiring ecommerce web designer? Because you can get focus on launching your business!

Website Design Template Samples

8,042 beautiful WordPress templates for you to choose and start selling online. Take a look at some examples below:

Ecommerce – Green Template

BeGreen impresses users with advanced typography and elegant colors used, opening a fresh and green space like a real beautiful garden.

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