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To accelerate the small-medium businesses’ transition to a sustainable digital presence.

We are on a mission  to make digitalization more straightforward, faster – and, most importantly, more affordable for all. The traditional processes for business owners in Malaysia to create a website and run digital ads are opaque, stressful, and slow. Fees aren’t transparent, and some website designers’ services are highly variable. We’re breaking the status quo.

How We Make a Difference

Predictable Timelines: Say goodbye to the delays and uncertainty of traditional processes. Our standardized approach ensures predictable timelines, allowing clients to plan and make better decisions confidently.

Clear Communication: Our commitment to transparency extends to our communication. We inform our clients at every step, ensuring a collaborative, stress-free experience.

Quality Assurance: Standardization doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We adhere to rigorous quality assurance protocols to deliver websites and digital ads that meet and exceed expectations.

Our Values


We strongly believe in the power of honesty, transparency, and trust to create a positive corporate environment & culture.


Minimalism is all about focusing on and committing to the fundamentals, just like you do not need to be at the office to work.


Speed is crucial in any business, especially in our industry. We move fast with urgency and make objective-oriented decisions.


In KangXiang’s team, we work like brothers and sisters, where it is an environment where we are positive and supportive of each other’s dreams.


Everyone is a leader, taking responsibility and being accountable.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly work on perfecting our business services to achieve the mission; We recognize learning and improvement as a form of competence.


We work as a team to serve the community and make things happen.


We commit to developing long-term relationships with our team, clients, and the community.


It is all about being humble, compassionate, and respectful of each other.

Giving Back

We are a company aware of our social responsibility to give back to the community and to be helpful.