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“Imagine yourself when looking to hire a web designer or a renovation contractor, what would be the journey you will most likely undergo as a consumer – for a better understanding of the services package, reviews and quotation?”

We googled.

The Importance of Getting Found

Despite different product searches and various keywords, consumers go through this similar process every time on search engines. Search results on the page should always be an excellent opportunity to generate leads over to a business. View our pricing.

Living in a digital world that is highly informative, the speed of searching for new information is always faster than how quickly we were yesterday, sometimes with just a few taps away.

More than 80% of consumers claimed that they search things up on Google before making a purchase. If you would already look something up on Google before acquiring a new product, we believe your customers do the same too.

Well, the difference here is what keywords you used for searching and which search result subsequently appears you will be clicking onto.

Search keywords ultimately define the results on your search page, given that most would click on the first few results that grabbed their attention. We as a marketer must be able to strategize to get their eyeballs on us, those who we intend to target.

Every business strives to be discovered and get the first “hot slots” on search engines. Being the first on the list of what consumers come across when they go online definitely generated more leads than those who are not.

This is why many brands took the initiative to leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by building relevant content, using effective keywords and audience targeting to bring traffic to their websites.


Our solution is to help you be in front of customers searching for your product and services. Only pay for results such as clicks to your website, calls to your business and/or filling in a form.

It is important to know that whether your potential clients are on desktop or mobile, a well-timed ad can turn them into valuable customers.

Top of mind

Google, the leading search engine in the world, provides considerable significance to their product advertisers. It is the first platform that pops up in the minds regarding searching.

High number of traffic

Google has the highest traffic on their search engine among the others while incorporating complementing offerings to boost the overall effectiveness of your search campaigns – increasing the ROI of your marketing expenses.

Right target group

SEO on Google is relatively immediate and consistent. You will find your investment effort rewarded with a long-lasting result if you focus on optimizing the user experience for those users you wish to target (remarketing).

Kangxiang.info might be the right team that you are looking for!

Investing in SEO and Google Adwords might be overwhelming. Hence, ensure that the marketing expenses you have invested, bring back a degree of profitable returns. Let your strategies run smoothly by making sure you hire the right people as your strongest backbone to maximize your website conversions. View our certificate.

Result-Driven, Proven Strategy

Managing 20+ companies' digital marketing monthly, KangXiang's team can strategize your Google marketing and advertisement to attract the right and quality customer leads.

Google Certified Individuals

With 2 of the team members certified in Google Ads, we believe that we possess a high level of understanding of the technical functions of how to execute Google Ads campaigns for your business.

Transparency Mindset

We highly value transparency in communication and customer service. We keep abreast of what is best for your business, inspired to be your strongest backbone in technical and business solutions.