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We assist you to stand out from the competitors by getting a clear, confident and consistent brand identity, logo and social media content.

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Our logo designers consider all the platforms and places when designing your logo. We make sure it looks good everywhere.

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Make as many concepts and revisions as you want. With 5 days turnaround time, you will have your designs ready.

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There are no contracts, hourly billing, or additional fees for vector files. We value hard work, transparency and clients' satisfaction.

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Our team work closely with you to support anything you need. We make and manage your designs effectively and on time.

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You own 100% of your designs, whether it is a logo or business card. We provide vector files. Edit them whenever you would like to.

Other Portfolios

mykira logofolio

✅ A monogram of combination alphabets “M” and “K” to create a chart-like brandmark.

✅ It symbolizes the future of MyKira and be the leading company in the accounting industry.

✅ Both black and blue as the corporate colours show the company’s professionalism and represent its future goal – growth and success with clients.

vaizon asia logo design malaysia

✅ The combination of the two alphabets, “V” and “A”, is created to form a monogram, which fulfils the criteria of the current logo trend.

✅ The bold and solid monogram shows the strong base of a professional network in Asia.

✅ Two dots with the addition of a line emphasize the connection between Vaizon Asia and global clients.

mooncake logo design malaysia

✅ “SS Mooncake” stands for people missing each other during the Mid-autumn festival.

✅ The rabbit icon is rotated, transformed and refined from a calligraphy style font of “heart” Chinese wording.

✅ The high-end colour Burgundy, as the brand colour shows the passion and how particular SS Mooncake is during the mooncake baking process.

flexly consulting logo 2022

✅ A wordmark logotype is designed for Flexly Consulting Sdn Bhd that mainly provides ISO certifications obtaining service to Malaysia SMEs.

✅ “>” and “< “symbols are applied to form the “x”, symbolizing fast, move-forward and simplifying complicated things.

✅ Both symbols overlap to show Flexly’s service is fast, hassle-free and burdenless at the same time.

✅ The logotype is modified with rounded font, showing Flexly’s friendly yet professional when it comes to consultation.

✅ The unique combination of Robin Egg Blue and Minion yellow can show Flexly’s professionalism and forward, reflecting the company’s then, now and future.

chu gamer logo design

✅ Game credits selling as a video game store, Chu Gamer’s main service, a futuristic logotype is created.

✅ By getting inspiration from the structure of the Nintendo Switch, alphabets “C” and “G” are used to form the icon.

✅ It also shows a “link” icon in the end, symbolizing connecting or switching to the CG game world for players.

✅ Fantasy gradient blue and self-created edged fonts for “CHU” are applied to the logotype to suit the entire futuristic concept.

myvision logo portfolio malaysia

✅ My Vision Eye Specialist is a professional in medical ophthalmology that provides services such as cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, LASIK, etc.

✅ Thus, the combination of mint and golden yellow geometrical logotype is created based on the inspiration from concave and convex lenses concept in the Biology field.

✅ The convex lens at the bottom symbolizes the eye or our vision.

✅ Crown-like “M” monogram concave lens represents “My Vision” as the leading eye specialist in Malaysia.

tradequo logofolio europe

✅ Geometrical shapes are used to form a monogram logotype, together with bold and clean font type, which fulfils the criteria of minimalism.

✅ Combining the letter “T” with a bright red dot representing the tail of the letter “Q” could create contrast and grab attention.

✅ A right arrow could be seen as it symbolizes choosing TradeQuo is a “right” and wise decision for investing journey.

ubit logo design malaysia

✅ A tracking route concept is applied for logomark to show the movement of the vehicles under monitoring and tracking in real-time by UBIT.

✅ The red tracking route from the start to the end forms a monogram “U”, symbolizing UBIT and “Ubiquitous”, whereas “S” portrays the meaning of “Fleet Management System” and “Successful in the future” could be seen when it is tilted.

✅ The red colour represents an alert or reminder, detecting and monitoring the “red dot” — vehicle idling time, well-suited for UBIT that provides Intelligent Real-time Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solution Service.

uei logo design spain

✅ The logotype is inspired by Citizens of Earth, showing the door-like alphabet “U” and the monument’s design.

✅ According to the conceptual proposal, the value of borders between light and dark, solid and empty, heaven and earth, gently reflect the surrounding border of the United States and Mexico.

✅ Thus, the blue colour logotype portrays UEI’s professionalism, relationship and value provided to the clients.

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We help small to medium businesses, startups and freelancers to create a clean and creative brand design. You can select a ready-made template or ask us to custom design a brand new logo, and put it to good use, be it social media postings, banners, envelopes, websites, etc.

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Need More Portfolios?

simways payroll logo

There are 3 main elements in this logo design. First, the bird symbolizes “freedom/peace of mind”. The wing is made of 3 lines to symbolize the sales chart moving up. Blue is often associated with depth and stability.

dansation studio logo design

Dansation Studio is a dance studio in Malaysia. The logo is created by combining the “S” alphabet, which symbolizes a person dancing. The pink colour represents affection and femininity. This instantly tells what they do.

starkids logo design malaysia

Four colours are used for this logo, yet they go well with the dummy fonts, which suit the children’s education. The star icon symbolizes StarKids can transform children’s character and build a strong foundation for a brighter future.

Hanamizuki logo malaysia

Japanese tea stain in a full circle surrounding the brand name could be seen on the brandmark. It refers to the environment of “Hanamizuki Japanese Tea House” which is surrounded by greenery nature. The brandmark gives a clean and peaceful image to allow customers to feel calm and able to release stress after drinking Japanese tea. It is connected to the brand core values. Also, the two brand colours with low saturation are used to show the serenity which reflects the brand image.

Peony logo design

To promote Baba Nyonya culture in the form of scents and tiles elements. Tiles element is applied to the Chinese wording. The brandmark, Peony | Baba Nyonya Fragrance Shop, gives a contemporary and precise image is to reflect a balance between ancient and modern lifestyles, which truly conveyed as a message to the target audience.

The Notes Sealing Wax Stick logo

“The Notes” logo is designed to serve as a personal signature the world over. Thus, a handwriting-serif style with a shade of royal gold and yellow logo is formed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own logo?

Yes, you can design your logo with the necessary design skills and software such as Adobe Illustrator or by using any logo maker website resources. However, it is often recommended to hire a professional designer to ensure that the logo accurately reflects your brand and is suitable for various uses.

Which corporate logo/branding package should I choose?

If you cannot make a decision, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. Our project consultant would call up to give a brief explanation and understand your requirements. We would help you to solve the solution and recommend the best package which suits you the most.

How does the payment work?

A 50% deposit payment is required before we start any design. 50% balance payable upon completion and project handover.

Which files are included in the package I have chosen?

Both corporate logo packages consist of PDF & PNG files, whereas PDF, PNG & DOC files would be included in both branding packages. All the corporate logo and branding package files are in high resolution 300 DPI.

What would be expected of me as a client?

Constructive and timely client feedback is vital to keep the project moving forward. We expect our clients to provide clear guidelines and information about your company or business. Also, do stay in communication with us and be effective.
Note that the unlimited revision ensures the client gets satisfying work, but please do not take it for granted.

How is the corporate logo design/branding process?

Corporate Logo Design:
The design normally takes 3 to 7 working days to complete the first draft. (Entire research > brainstorming for inspiration > sketches > 3 initial concepts > 1 chosen concept > revision > handover > done)

The complete process of the whole branding package could take up at least 2 to 3 weeks. It also depends on how long it takes and the frequency of revisions.

What if I do not know the right colors for my logo?

No dramas. We would consult and suggest the right corporate colours based on your industry and your company. We would also consider the colours used by your competitors and ensure that your logo stands out while still being appropriate for your industry.

How do I protect my logo?

You can protect your logo by registering it as a trademark with the appropriate trademark / intellectual property law firm. This will give you exclusive rights to use the logo in connection with your products or services and can help to prevent others from using similar designs.