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business website design tips malaysia

Business Website Design Tips

Designing your business website can be a challenging tasks especially when it comes to new ideas, opinions from many stakeholders and personal expectation. A great website must feeds into designs, content, user experience and web functionality. These are the website design tips and general advises to help you develop better website:

  1. How to choose the right domain name? – short, clear, seo keywords, extension, etc
  2. How to choose web hosting? – shared hosting, VPS, cloud or dedicated server
  3. Who to hire for web development? – DIY, freelancers or agency?
  4. Which coding is good for your business? – Web builder, CMS or PHP?
  5. How to choose a web template? – responsive, features and free or paid?
seo tips malaysia

Quick & Proven SEO Tips

With proper SEO practices for both onsite and offsite optimization, you can get your business website listed at Google first page search result. These beginner tips show your how to optimize a website from goal setting, keywords research to execution.

  1. How to develop SEO task worksheet? – goal setting, funnels, crawl and report.
  2. What is Onsite Optimization?  – keywords, content, ALT tags, meta tags.
  3. Important of titles and headings. – H1 and H2, do and don’t!
  4. How to optimize website content? – Keywords density, distribution & internal linking.
  5. Why you should do SEO blogging? – SEO ranking, traffics and branding.
seo tips malaysia

Website Marketing & Analysis

How internet and digital marketing changing the way we do business is far bigger than anyone realizes. Therefore it is crucial for businessmen to educate themselves on how to handle social medias, search engines and websites.

  1. Why website is important for marketing?  – accessibility, advertising and more
  2. Use stock photos for website. – shutterstock, 123rf, or any other options?
  3. 5 Tips for successful ecommerce. – Focus on user, keep testing!
  4. What is content marketing? – blogs, articles, images, videos, etc
  5. How to create Facebook page? – 5 steps and it’s done!