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12 Proven SEO Tips To Get 10,000 Free Traffic That Converts


We are a web design company specialize in developing fast loading, search engine optimized website. We’ve launched hundreds of website since 2012 (50+ websites in 2020) and we found some secrets to get website on the first page of Google.

These SEO Checklists Boost Our Website Ranking & Traffic.
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This is an e-book with solid, clear information than rambling to make a page count. Total 36 pages e-book with 12 important SEO tips and images on how we get our website to appear on first page of Google when someone searching for key-phrases such as website designer, website design Malaysia, web design company and more.

What’s the benefits of getting first page top 3 ranking? A good SEO optimized website improve your business visibility, earn trust, generate more leads and increase your industry authority.

Are you looking for effective SEO strategies to drive thousands of free website traffic? This e-book reveals the most powerful secrets we apply for our business to boost our organic rankings. Get for RM89 what others have paid RM1,000 per month to hire SEO agency.

Get a free 15 minutes to talk to our project consultant if you don’t understand the technical terms.

For some of you who are traditional business owners and doesn’t know much about website design and technical structure, you may contact us and our consultant will make call (zoom meeting) to you. We will explain the 12 SEO tips one by one. Everything we do here is to remove your risk of buying from us. Money back guarantee with no questions asked, one on one consultation and all the print-screen and data in the e-book. You may doubt why? It is because of our mission. We’re more than a website design company. We are here to assist traditional business to build the fundamental to succeed online. It is not just about proposing layout, templates and complete project. It is all about educating the business owners what is search engine optimization, social media re-targeting strategy and content marketing.

We use our website as the case studies. This e-book is for beginner who doesn’t know about SEO and onsite optimization. Get this e-book before this page comes down!

This is our secret sauce we’re using right now for our business (www.kangxiang.info) and clients to generate thousands of organic search traffic every month. Get this e-book before your competitors. Download this e-book before we close it!

Everybody knows it, organic traffic from Google’s SERP (search engine result page) is the highest-quality and most valuable traffic that there is online. Nothing comes close to the conversion rate.

Free tools to audit and monitor your website whether it is good or not

This book is definitely important and useful if you plan to hire an agency to design and develop your website. You can use this guideline to tell if they are doing the right work and secretly audit their work.

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Who need this secret SEO strategies?

  • If you are a coach, fitness trainer, business consultant, accountant, lawyer, doctor, dentist, chiropractor or those who offer professional services. These SEO tips will help you to get tens of hot leads filling contact form in your website to ask for your services and quotation every day.
  • If you are a real estate agent, property develop who want high quality customer waiting to do business with you.
  • If you own a catering business, automobile workshop, plumbing shop, restaurants, furniture store who wish to gain high quality free traffics from Google search engine
  • If you are a manufacturer who would like expand your business to other countries
  • If you are a salesman who need more leads and personal branding.
  • If you are a website designer or graphic designer who want to upsell client SEO services and have longer customer lifetime.
  • If you wish to turn your passion into a business.

Why this SEO e-book is important to you and how it will transform your business and your life?

I chose to start a business in 2012 once after my graduation. The first few years were tough. Me and another partner were doing so many things such as Taiwanese food restaurant, online printing services and etc. However, we didn’t get much desired results and incomes.

Five years ago, we closed the business. I started my business from scratch again with less than Rm2,000 and an old laptop. No business loans or any venture capital.

I hustled, cold-called and desperately walked door by door searching for the first few clients. It is not convincing when someone promotes an online business but uses a traditional way to get clients. So, I am aware I need to make changes.

Today, I have a team of 5 amazing team members with more than RM1 million revenues in a year. And this is all because of digital marketing! Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of the strategies.

Don’t miss out on this SEO tips e-book!

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It is important to get in front of customer when they are looking for your services online. These are the hot leads!

google analytics report sept

This is our Google Analytics Report for September 2020. We got total 152 people visited contact us page, 43 people filled in contact form and 108 people clicked the WhatsApp button to enquire our services! 

This is our website ranking (Oct 2020):

Website design company kl – First Page 1st ranking

website design company kl ranking

seo package malaysia – First Page 2nd ranking

seo package malaysia ranking

website design malaysia – First Page 3rd ranking

website design malaysia ranking

website design price – First Page 3rd ranking

website design price ranking

website designer malaysia – First Page 2nd ranking

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website development malaysia – First Page 3rd ranking

website development malaysia

wordpress developer malaysia – First Page 2nd ranking

wordpress developer malaysia

website maintenance malaysia – First Page 4th ranking

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Freelance website designer – First Page 4th ranking

freelance website designer ranking

logo designer malaysia – First Page 2nd ranking

logo designer malaysia ranking

Money back guarantee

We are 100% guarantee you’ll love this e-book. This is because the e-book has all the secrets that we apply for our own business. If you think the e-book is talking nonsense, just email to me [email protected] or message our official Facebook Page and let us know why you are not happy with it. We will refund your money and let you keep the e-book anyway.

Besides, if you try those strategies outlined in this e-book and it doesn’t help your business SEO ranking, let me know too. We will refund.

Sound fair for you?