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What is the website design price in Malaysia?

Some of the most frequently searches:
How much to hire a web designer? what is the website design price? Website design cost malaysia and etc.

“7 years experiences providing web design services in KL Selangor, I have heard of the cheapest price of building a website is RM650 and the most expensive for a SME website is around RM12,000. This doesn’t include those property website and GLC website which can easily, commonly cost RM20,000 or up to 6 figures.”

If you are looking for pricing table to list the price in details, I do prepare the frameworks to show you at later part. But i prefer to outlined the insight about hiring a web designer be it freelance or agency before you jump into conclusion whether we’re too cheap or too expensive.

It is true that appearance of a web design is important, but it’s not always the case. Having building hundreds of website, we know that a great website is the one achieved balance of loading speed, content & keywords, ranking and call to actions.


website design price in malaysia


Creating a website is a must for any business. And you don’t keep redo (revamp website) in a short time otherwise it will be a high cost in terms of prepared time and fees. Therefore, it has to be right at the FIRST place, which includes what development software to be used, what keywords for the titles, where to location the call to actions, how to get first page ranking in Google, and how to track the website performance, visitors data and how audiences find you on Google, etc.

This is why the value of web developers goes beyond just the surface design of a web development project. The cost that makes up the cost of a website is not only the visual design, but rather what is important within the website.

This is our website design price and packages from RM900 to Rm8,800

Our website design price and packages are specially designed to assist clients to build affordable website, while being able to be on first page of Google to generate leads and get new customers. This is why we’re building 60+ website a year (2019) and 1/5 of the customers are subscribing our monthly marketing and maintenance packages. Renewal rates is by far up to 80%+.


Packages Details End User Price
Basic One Page Website
  • This package is specially created for client who want website completed fast – within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Most of the clients  subscribed this package is just to either having a website to put in the internet (need a website link in the name card) or having a site for google advertisement (as trial).
  • 1 page website with up to 5 sections (rows)
  • Free template, no customization is allowed.
  • What more exciting about this? FREE 1 year domain and 20gb web hosting valued at RM480!
RM900 (version 2.0)
Standard Web Design
  • 6 pages website (Home, About Us, Our Services (plus 2 Individual Service) and Contact Us) 
  • Mobile responsive
  • Premium Web Design Template
  • FREE 1 year domain and 20gb web hosting valued at RM465!
  • Customization on layout, HTML and CSS.
Premium Web Design
  • Packages similar to standard web design
  • 12 pages website
  • Free 1 year web maintenance at max 2 hours manpower time.
  • Basic SEO – Integration of SEO software, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.
  • Speed optimization with guarantee satisfaction.
  • Packages similar to premium web design
  • Inclusive of payment gateway where people can order and pay in the website.
  • Training on how to upload products, set stock management, email notification and how to check payments.
Custom Build Website
  • Those clients who are looking for a brand new website (not a template) and requires more of additional software to make it a complete website for extensive advertising and branding purposes.
RM8,800 or more

View other packages at here : https://kangxiang.info/website-development/website-design-package-price-malaysia/

Whenever you are launching a new website or selling a new product, having someone who has the experiences, technical skills, marketing skills (understand how Google’s ranking and advertising) can really helpful. This enable you to differentiate what matter and what doesn’t, how to choose the right solution and how much time needed. View our portfolio.

But not forgetting,

Domain (.com): RM65 per year 
Domain (.com.my): RM80 per year
Domain (.my): RM120 per year
Shared Hosting: RM400 per year for 20GB
VPS: Starts from RM2,000+
Yearly maintenance: RM150 per technical task

Looking for free website building? Check out WIX or WEEBLY.