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Mission, Vision, Values

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A company that improve quality of lives through the idea of minimalism and empowerment. To ultimately create a world with freedom.


We are on a mission to make it simple for people to start a business, achieve sustainable business growth and live a meaningful life through a long term, effective and professional digital marketing solution. It is our calling to assist traditional businesses to build the fundamentals to succeed online.

Who is KangXiang?

Launched in July 2012, Kang Xiang is one of the fastest growing digital marketing company agency based in Selangor, Malaysia. In 2019 alone, we have developed 65+ websites and managing 20+ companies digital marketing. View portfolio.


What does KangXiang do? 

We help business owners to build a profitable website and brand, through effective, straightforward digital marketing and time-saving solution. Follow our social media.

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Our Values


We strongly believe in the power of honest, transparency and trust to create a positive corporate environment & culture.


Minimalism is all about focusing on and committing to the fundamentals, just like you don’t need be at office to work.


Speed is crucial in any business, especially our industry. We move fast with urgency and make objective oriented decisions.


In KangXiang’s team, we work like brothers and sisters, where it is an environment where we are positive and supporting of each others’ dream.


Everyone is a leader, taking his/her responsibility and being accountable.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly work to perfect our business services to achieve the mission, We recognize learning and improvement as a form of competence.


We work as a team to serve the community and make things happen.


We are committed to develop long-term relationships with our team, clients and the community.


Being humble, compassion and respectful of each others.

Giving Back

We are a company aware of our social responsibility to give back to the community and being helpful.