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Unlimited Graphic Designs for Your Social Media Posting and Website For FREE!

We offer an unlimited design service for businesses of every size. Whether you’re an freelance, entrepreneur, or an established business, we’ll assist you to spend less time on graphics, so that you are able to focus more on the marketing and scale business faster.

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unlimited graphic design for free malaysia

Unlimited Graphic Designs for Your Facebook Page and Website For FREE!

Make unlimited graphic design and get unlimited revisions for 30 days!
Save your time and money with our dedicated design & marketing team.

Unlimited Design

Get unlimited graphic designs and unlimited revisions with high quality free stock images and templates.

Fast Turnarounds

Fill in form to assign your graphic design quickly and easily. Communicate with us within WhatsApp group.

No Hidden Costs

Our design services has no contracts and no hourly billing. You don't need to pay any up-front.

Real Human Support

Our project consultant and graphic designer will be there to support your social media posting designs.

Free of Charge for 30 Days

This is limited time exclusive offers for 30 days at no cost, once in lifetime. First come first serve.

High Resolution Designs

Our graphic designs are for social media posting (mainly Facebook and Instagram), not for offset printing.

Who are we?

How It Works

It is easy to kick-start your project with us. Fill in the form below and our project consultant will review your details. Once approved, we will add you in WhatsApp group to initiate the projects. We will design, revise and send file for you to publish on your Facebook Page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We believe that every micro to small business deserves to have access to hassle-free graphic design and digital marketing services. We decided to make it unlimited too! We know that you will have lots of questions about how we work and what you get? We’ve got all the answers you need:

    What does “unlimited graphic design” mean?

    Our unlimited graphic design service includes unlimited designs (quantity) and unlimited revisions. That means whenever you fill in the form, our project consultant will review it, ensure all the content and product content are given and proceed to work through them as quickly as possible. Our designs are mainly for social media posting.

    We promise to deliver designs within 2 working days. As we work together and get to know your business better, the process will be faster.

    How much do I need to pay?

    You don’t need to pay up-front. This is free services for 30 days!

    What are Kimp’s business hours?

    Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

    Who works on my requests?

    Our project consultant and designer will work on your designs. We fulfill your requests one at a time, on first come first serve basis. If your project are time sensitive, it is recommend to hire in-house graphic designer.

    I have a really time-sensitive request. What do I do?

    If your project are time sensitive, it is recommend to hire in-house graphic designer.