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Lemongrass Kombucha Fermented Tea Photography

We were privileged to collaborate with WildKombucha.co in showcasing their exquisite pandan lemongrass-flavored kombucha tea through our product photography services. We aimed to capture this product’s essence, vibrancy, and uniqueness, creating visuals that resonate with the brand’s identity.


Vision and Mood Board:

Understanding the brand’s vision was our starting point. Through detailed consultations and collaborative efforts, we created a comprehensive mood board capturing the desired mood, color schemes, and overall aesthetic. This mood board served as our guiding light throughout the photoshoot process.

Mood and Ambiance: Depict a serene, natural, and refreshing atmosphere.

Lighting: Natural light for a fresh and organic feel with the play of light and shadows on the product.

Textures and Materials: Include images of pandan leaves, lemongrass stalks, glassware, and the kombucha itself. Emphasize the textural elements of the ingredients to add depth and visual interest.

Color Palette: Incorporate shades of vibrant greens representing the pandan leaves and lemongrass alongside natural, earthy tones for authenticity. Bright pops of citrus colors can complement the freshness.


wild kombucha photography wildkombucha
creative lemongrass tea photoshoot probiotic tea photography with lemongrass


Art Direction and Execution:

With a keen focus on detail and artful composition, our photography team meticulously crafted each shot. Our goal was to encapsulate the freshness of pandan lemongrass, highlighting its natural ingredients and refreshing appeal. 


wildkombucha lemongrass product photography malaysia

Project: WildKombucha.co | Probiotic Tea Photography


We are immensely proud to have been part of this collaboration, creating imagery that embodies the spirit of WildKombucha.co and their exceptional product. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you. Please reach out if you’d like to explore how our product photography services can elevate your brand.

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