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Though the digital marketing trends change almost every day, SEO has remained until today as an indispensable strategy to obtain real profit from a business website.

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Why choose SEO for your marketing?

A SEO friendly website offers all kind of benefits for any business, whether it is e-commerce or not. The major importance of SEO, of course, is that it might help greatly when properly used to position your business at the top of Google engines and therefore increase your traffic from specific groups and boost sales!

SEO also is a very efficient way to track and analyze every little aspect of your campaign making it a really cost-effective way to promote your services and have brand awareness. Besides, by optimizing your website for engines, you automatically are doing it for your clients and readers, so your website becomes more useful and valuable.

The most important SEO ranking factor - CONTENT (KEYWORDS)

Keywords or key-phrases are the core of SEO strategy as they depict what is in the content. It seems to be the easiest of all but you need to do hard keyword research to find the perfect one.

Meta description: It is that little description that appears under a link in the Google’s search result page. The point of it is compelling the readers to actually click and enter your page. It helps to elevate your ranking on CTR measures. Tips for a good meta description are:

  1. 130-160 characters
  2. Call-to-action and Active voice “do this”
  3. Unique
  4. Include the seo keyword
  5. Match the content (no false publicity)

Meta tags: they don’t actually appear in the page but are tiny pieces of code or “words” included in the page’s code that describe the content inside that page for engines to find it easily. You need to take into consideration that NOT all tags are good, it all depends on the kind of website and business you run. A couple of facts that our team have learned that:

  1. Title tags affect your search engine rankings by itself, always use it. Learn more about the h1 and h2 tags.
  2. Motivating your clients by using descriptive tags translates into sales.

For other SEO tips, check this page : SEO Optimizing website content

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