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google webmaster confirm speed is a website ranking factor

How do I improve my website ranking on Google Malaysia?

If you want people to find you on Google, you have to utilize SEO effectively. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO boost your website ranking and therefore you will have more visibility on Google. When you have more visibility on Google, it means that there will have more people seeing your website. This strategy increases your online traffic; the more your online traffic increases, the better your chance of providing people with your product and service. Let us show you some tips to improve your website’s SEO:


Reduce website loading time

If your website loading time is too slow, it will harm your ranking on Google because Google will recognize it. Also, the slow loading time will affect visitors’ interest in visiting your website. As a result, negative interaction will hurt your website ranking too.


h3 heading tags website ranking

Content with Header Tags

Using headings wisely helps to improve the user experience on your website. Headings break up the content and make user easier to read. If your website contents are just a wall of text without a title, it will discourage people from spending their time on your website and affect your SEO ranking. If you use WordPress and Elementor to run your website, you can change the header tags easily.


Use Alternative (Alt) Text for images.

What helps the search engine to understand your images better? The search engine cannot ‘see’ the photos. It depends on the text to help Google understand your images’ meaning. Therefore, to make your visual information accessible, you must use alt text. Alt-text is a tool that allows you to describe the details of your website’s images. It can help to improve your image SEO. For instance, if you post a property photo, you can use a couple of words to describe it: bathroom with bathtub, master room with balcony, etc.


Optimize your links

If a trustworthy and authoritative source links to your website, it increases your website’s credibility. Besides linking to authority sites, you must ensure all the information is authentic and up to date. If your website link appears on other sites, it will direct visitors to your website. It will help Google to understand better what your website is.




Creating content can provide the audience with valuable information they need. If your blog posts have a large group of faithful readers, you can get a lot of traffic to your website. Creating content-rich with keyword phrases on your blog can help boost your website’s SEO.


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