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choosing the best wordpress template for company web

Choosing the best wordpress template for your website design

Selecting the right theme for your WordPress website might sound like something easy to do that responds more to personal likes than to a strategical action. But truth is that every detail on your website affects directly the impact that your website will create on the audience. That, of course, includes the template because it’s part of the concept your brand is trying to promote. To choose the best WordPress template that suits your business; you may take these pieces of advice into consideration:

Responsive Design

Yes, it’s in upper case for a reason; lots of people still ask themselves if their business really need to be responsive. We think the question has a really easy answer, just look at people on the streets and even yourself and your family, how many times do you see them with their nose on their smartphone or tablet? There’s your answer. Mobile technology might increase your reach even in 80%. Select a theme you can adapt.


The magic of WordPress lies in the plugins; some of them are a must for any business and others adapt more or less depending on the topic of the company. Whatever it is your business, the template you choose must be plugin compatible with the basics and the special ones. Choose the template with features you wanted will make your life easier when you’re developing the site. It is always important to be right at the first time!

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Free or Premium

It depends on your needs, a new business might need to use free templates for a quick cheap website to be available, but the features are normally limited. For example, some template offers only 2 slides in the sliders which normally we will create 3-5 banners for clients. It’s simple to setup however very limited on the customization.

If you choosing a premium template, customization on the designs and layout are achievable but with the time it might be difficult for beginner to analyze the code and overwrite it.

Ask for opinions

Reading the ratings and reviews from a template can give a great hint on whether or not a template is a useful option for your website. Personally I prefer those template give quick response and those who includes Visual Composer, Slider revolution in their template.

Do you need us to select the best wordpress templates for your website? Contact us!

Kang Xiang Lim

Kang Xiang started his career by providing freelance web design services around Selangor, Malaysia. Knowing that website is a must for every businesses, yet it can be a difficult task, therefore Kang Xiang and his team (currently 5 persons) are constantly looking for better solution for businesses to succeed online. Since late 2018, we have been creating 6-8 websites in a month and managing up to 20 companies SEO, Google Ads and Facebook marketing.

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