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Misconceptions About Web Design & Development

Nowadays, businesses are becoming more dependent on the online presence and that’s why the searches for web design company and freelance web designers increased over the years. I realized that quite some companies are having some misconceptions about the website, could be due to not familiar with IT technology and/or misleading advertisement. So I decided to write about this based on personal opinion and experience.

Website doesn’t help you to get new customers.
The truth is launching your business doesn’t meant it’s going to “go viral”.
Instead, Facebook and Google are the channels to achieve the business goal.

Website is just a web pages (landing pages) serve as information display website (to showcase your company profile, products, services, pricing, porfolios and more). Ecommerce store are able to streamline the online transactions, inventory management, shipping, big data analysis and etc.

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Misconceptions #1 Website will bring traffics to me

Website will not drive any traffics unless if you promote it.

For example, if you open a retail store, the interior design is just a design than can enhance the customer experience, creates better branding. However, it is your shop signboard, bunting, banners, advertisement and word of mouth that helps to drive more customers. It is kinda daydreaming where you are expecting foot traffics, especially when you are selling something that is non unique, not much different from your competitors. No matter how great is your product (or services), when nobody knows you. It is meaningless.

Moreover, if you have just launched your startup, things move slower. People may have concern about your reliability and quality of works. It is wasting time (resources) to have just waiting for the customers to walk in.

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 #2 Advertisement is the only thing I need to focus

As for advertising (Facebook and/or Google), is it really effective? Few customers like to ask, is there a “guarantee” (making profits)?
The younger me (five or six years ago) chosen to throw back the question to clients where can you guarantee will be successful if you decided to launched a new business? Do you ask for guarantee (profits) when advertising on traditional medias and etc. So, not gonna to act?

With the accumulated experience of years, my personal point of view is that:
Whether small businesses can make profits, it is depending on the
1. Product and/or service
2. Advertising and chosen location
3. Market supply demand and pricing

For medium-sized enterprises, they focus on the business models, resources, and effective management.

Advertisement doesn’t able to grow your business if your products are not tasty, not useful and therefore no one would recommend to friends and family. Personally, I don’t think those who are not responsive, not professional and not trustworthy will succeed with advertisement. Of course, the strategy of advertising (content, audience setting) is also one of the important factors.

When the economy is good or bad, there will be those businesses who make profits or incur loss. Factors of location, product, service, resources, price and etc are important, but [human] (boss = leader) is the main factor.


If wealthy people doesn’t learn, wealthy will not sustain.
If the poor doesn’t learn, the poverty is endless.

Education, Experience, Excessive – Rich Dad

Good luck!

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