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Top 3 Facebook advertising strategies for increasing web conversion

Using Facebook ads is one of the best ways to increase conversion into your website but designing the right Ad is more than just putting on a good headline and image; how you distribute these Ads is the most important factor to take into consideration, here we explain to you the 3 Facebook advertising strategies on selecting audiences: 

A/B split testing audience

The first step to select the right audience to make your ad the most profitable, you first need to know which ad will actually work for you. But we all know it’s actually really hard to simply guess that. So, in order to reach the right Ad for the right people, the first thing to do is creating at least 3 ads that are basically the same but with some tiny changes. A good feature to change for measuring the ad’s functionality is the image.

Once you’ve run the test, the results will turn into a custom audience which is nothing more than public that has already converted or reached some near point on your website like the “payment page” even though they didn’t actually convert, plus some people that specifically matches your targets. Custom audience can be those who are already your existing customers which you need to submit their emails / mobile numbers to Facebook. Ads that include custom audience get extra points in Facebook’s relevance score.

Custom audience & lookalike audience

Once you have a custom audience, the kind of people that actually tend to convert for your business is defined. Then you can approach “lookalike audience” which is an audience with a similar target that also represents a great possibility of converting, lookalike audience can be created from a custom audience, from client’s list or other data. You must be an administrator to create any lookalike audience even if it’s from a previous custom audience. This audiences are powerful Facebook advertising strategies you shall not miss!

Remarketing audience

After getting your custom and lookalike audience built, conversions and traffic will dramatically increase (or at least those are the odds if you did it right). So, why not let those people that already have interacted deeply with your website to get some new information or ads? Remarketing your converted audience maximizes your engagement with clients and your website conversion rates. Facebook’s Pixel allows you to measure these remarketing conversions easily.

More about Facebook advertising strategies? Leave a message here. Or learn it yourself at Facebook business.

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