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CMS to Build Web: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

While you are thinking of building your website on our own, and are quite excited with the choice of themes, page layout and etc, you might be wondering on which platform you shall use to develop your cms website. Well if you are new in this field, you must know that a CMS is a content management system, which lets you put in all page elements starting from text to images, sound clips to videos, colors and fonts to slider and functions etc. CMS make web development as simple as drag and down.

In fact the work of a good CMS is to give you the platform which acts as the mediator between you and the web host, and let you design the site on your own by bypassing the raw coding parts, and doing it through drag and drop style or simple visual editors. Here is a highlight on the top 3 CMS that you get to choose for website design and development:

CMS Website : WordPress

Every programmer knows this name. Some call it as a CMS, and some knows it for the free blogging platform. It is an open source PHP site. You get all that is needed in front of your hands to start with WordPress. You can install the WordPress system by FTP + Manual Databases creation or install through Cpanel App Softacolous (some hosting doesn’t provide this). Once it is installed, you can use plugins to edit the site (visual composer, site origin, raw HTML, etc). There are a lot of themes or design templates that are suited for the world’s most chosen CMS. It’s perfect for the beginners and also great for any kind of site development.

In additional, you can access your site building tools (we call it plugins). It is a powerful program that add functions and features to your website, which makes the one of the best advantages of WordPress CMS wesite.

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It is easy and quick to install Joomla. You can get a lot of site building features with the complete CMS. Making a simple portfolio site can be a child’s play with Joomla. There are host of options to choose from, strong interface for admin, and drop down menus etc.


You have to install the Drupal CMS in simple steps to get a nice site building platform. It is a module based system (not a blogger based system), where you may easily create forms, blogs, profiles user ids etc. Creating site clones in Drupal is real fast and easy. The Taxonomy feature is the best part of Drupal, as this allows combining various content types and categories into one cms website or web pages.

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