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Pagespeed Optimization

Nobody wants a slow website. We analyze and optimize your website using GTMetrix and Pingdom Speed Tool to maximize website conversions. These are the speed optimization best practices that we apply for websites.

Image Optimization

Unoptimized images is usually one of the reasons of slow loading. It is important to compress, resize and serve scaled images to reduce size of web page.

Not Leverage Browser Cache

Cache creates an ultra-fast load time through storing used data points in a ``cached memory`` and serve it when there is subsequent request of same content.

gZip compression and server

A good server lower response time between server and the visitors’ browser, which improve loading of the requested web pages content.

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C.H.Tay Pagespeed

Pingdom performance load time from 8.44 seconds to 3.24 seconds.

Pingdom, Speed Optimization

Macrosaga Pagespeed

Pingdom performance load time from 7.44 seconds to 2.28 seconds.

Pingdom, Speed Optimization

FAQ on Website Loading Speed


Minification is the process of minimizing code and markup in your web pages and script files. In other words, this is a process of removing unnecessary or redundant data. It reduces the load times and bandwidth usage on websites and therfore improves the website speed, accessibility and a better user experience. There are 3 types of minification which is the Javascript minification, CSS minification and HTML minification.

Do take notes that in certain cases, minification may cause website layouts styles and looks “broken”. More information at Developers.Google.com

Images Compression

Compress and reduce website images while not reducing the resolution (quality) of the image is no longer a secret. You can choose either lossy or lossless optimization with up to 90% compression rate.

LazyLoaded images

This is helpful when your sites contains lots of images and videos in a single page. Images and videos are loaded only when they have to be displayed on the screen of visitors (users). This fasten the website loading. If your website has little images and images compression are done properly, then this is not a necessity steps.

Leverage browser caching

This generally means that you can specify how long web browsers should keep images, CSS and JS stored locally. In that way the visitors’ browser will download less data while navigating through your pages, which will speed up your website loading.

Example of the codes: ExpiresByType image/png “access plus 4 months” , ExpiresByType image/jpeg “access plus 4 months” and etc.

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